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Soundcheck image

The Sound Check page is where you select your scale, tempo, octave, get tuned up and prepare for the workout.

Level: Each level is a 4 note measure. Level 1 is 4 notes long. Level 20 is 80 notes long - good luck!

Mode: There are five scale modes, or shapes, that you can play. 
    4-Note - 4 notes in a handy box shape.
    5-note - the Pentatonic scale.
    Major and Minor - 8 notes from root to octave.
    Custom - any scale shape you desire. 

Key: All keys, following the Circle of Fifths.
Tempo: 60 to 180.
Octave: Low and High, press to toggle the setting.
Gate: Adjusts your input to only hear strong notes from the guitar.
Pace: "Pause" presents a continue dialog, "Go!" skips that and just counts in the next round! Press to toggle. 
Tuner: While tuning, adjust the Gate to get a tight note reading.

When you're ready to work out, use the Menu at the top left to navigate to the "Play" page.

Menu Screen

The Menu pop-up navigates you to Sound Check, Play, Help and Custom screens. The Custom screen is only available when the Scale knob is set to Custom in the paid version of the app.

It also displays the current Sound Check settings.

4-note Low image This is the main workout page. You see the notes that will be used, based on your Soundcheck settings. 

You have three Guitar Lives, each new round starts with three.

The Menu takes you to the Sound Check page.

The ♫ button plays the selected scale,  so you can hear the notes in play.

Pressing the ▶ button starts the game of random notes.
5-note low image

The 5-note game is a normal Pentatonic scale.

Notice that the root of the scale is not the lowest note - this is useful for most melodies.

Major Scale High                  Octave

The Major scale is shown here, in the High Octave setting.

Each game mode offers a low and high octave choice.

Custom Scale Setting - Mixolydian Scale

The Custom Scale screen allows you to use any combination of notes in the octave.

You can make Diads, Triads and Altered Scales. A Mixolydian Scale is shown here. The ♫ button allows you to hear the scale you have created.

Custom Scale Mode - Mixolydian Scale

After building your scale shape on the Custom screen, return to the play screen to workout with your selection.

This is a Mixolydian Scale, High Octave.